Glenda’s Birth Story
Glendas Birth


Turey, our first child, was born on 3/23 at 6:29 pm at home (39 weeks + 4 days). We wanted to have a home birth and had a wonderful midwife and an awesome doula accompanying the pregnancy from week 30 onwards. The night before, my husband and I had made love (which our midwife and doula recommended 😉 ). The pleasure from the lovemaking sent me to a very silent and magical inner place, which I could barely describe as resembling the Milky Way. I felt a divine energy awakening my root area, moving upwards and shaking me very softly and deliciously. It filled me with prayer and joy. I knew the feast had begun. It seems that the hit of oxytocin caused some mild waves soon after midnight. This was the beginning of our birthing journey!

In the morning, I had a hearty breakfast, and I started vomiting A LOT. I went to the bathroom and realized I had released the mucous plug, so I went to bed to sleep a little and spare some strength, following our doula’s advice. Around 2 pm, I started having more frequent waves, but they didn’t have the 5-1-1 rhythm yet. So everyone was waiting for the most “active” moment to arrive. A lot of vomiting was happening constantly. I couldn’t even drink liquid because my body would throw me on the floor to throw up everything, clearing the way for the energy to move without any hindrance. At around 3 pm, my husband suggested I take a bath with a kind of tea (a friend had recommended it to us and so we did). From then on, the waves turned more intense, but they still didn’t have the 5-1-1 rhythm. Or maybe we were counting wrong?

By then, I was in a trance, and I almost didn’t understand what was happening. I stared at our dear doula (who had already arrived) and asked her if everything was okay. She answered me with a very trustworthy “yes, I don’t see any alarm signal,” and that gave me sweet relief. We were listening to the hypnobirthing recording nonstop, and she would guide me to breathe deeply even in the tighter waves. I walked, got down on the floor, made weird sounds, and whatever I felt my body wanted to do. Actually, it was like my body was moving on its own, in any way it needed to move. It was in total charge, and my mind was barely watching it all. At about that point, my husband called the midwife again to tell her what was going on, and she told him she was already on her way. The waves were turning louder every time. My husband set up the pool with warm water, and the doula and he guided me to enter. I sat inside it for a few minutes that were very valuable to relax my body, overwhelmed by the continuous waves. But then a stronger wave came, and I rushed to the toilet, where I felt safest when the intensity was highest.

I got over that wave, but shortly after came a very strong one that was no longer a wave but a strong irresistible push, which made me squat with all my power. The midwife was on her way, but traffic caught her. From that moment on, there were no more waves coming, but very potent pushing. My husband checked me and saw our baby’s head crowning. He sent the picture to the midwife, and she told him to put on a video call to guide him because the birth was imminent, and she was not going to make it
on time.

I felt like I couldn’t help but push with all my being every time the impulse came. I told my husband to lubricate me with oil because my vagina was burning. He ran and spread olive oil on me, and right there came another huge push, and our little baby was delivered with it. My husband received him with our doula’s help and our midwife’s video call guidance. He weighed 5.13 pounds and was nearly 20” long, the most tender and miraculous thing we had seen in our lives.

About ten minutes later, when the midwives arrived, I was with my little son on top of my belly, still tied by the cord. They guided me to deliver the placenta, and then my husband cut the cord. They sutured me perfectly. They checked skillfully and with much love our little baby: he is perfect! We’re so relieved and proud. With our birthing team’s support, I took a nice shower and ate some very tasty soup. They also assisted us with room cleaning and several great pieces of advice for the first moments with the baby. They had been our guardian angels on this amazing journey!!!

The three of us are totally in love and deeply united! It is the most transcendental experience of our lives!