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“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” Dr. John H. Kennell



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Doula services are meant to help mothers have a better birth experience where they feel more supported, cared for, and safe. Each birth is incredibly unique. Having a doula by your side can help you feel grounded and more present. Doula’s also work with partners helping them to better understand birth. Our goal is to help families with emotional and informational support before labor, but also during the labor. We also provide physical comfort measures, help with position adjustments, and help you figure out the best time to reach the care provider.

"Research shows that women value and benefit from the presence of a support person during labour and childbirth. This support may include emotional support (continuous presence, reassurance and praise) and information about labour progress"

From the Cochrane Review

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Personalized care for each mother is my goal.  Mothers need to feel heard and safe for labor to unfold at its highest functioning level. Maybe you need emotional or information support before birth? Maybe  you just want someone beside you who’s been through it before? That’s where I come in! I will be by your side helping you through this life-changing journey. There are many birth options and it’s my calling to help mothers create an authentic birthing experience. We can sit down and gather your birthing vision and determine the best steps to help you reach your desired labor path. 

–  Labor and birth support with 24/7 text and phone availability for 37 weeks until you have your baby. 

– One 2 hour prenatal appointment; discussing birth options, facilitating a birth vision, and exploring comfort techniques. We will go over basics about birth and regular practices at the hospital/ birth center during prenatal.

– Weekly connections/assignments to help prepare mother that include reviewing birth videos, journal assignments, and zoom sessions if desired. 

– For those desiring extra support; Prenatal appointment can include a 1 hour fear release hypnosis session with Eye Movement Therapy if requested. 

– Doula will stay with mom after birth for 1-2 hours and can help with lactation support for baby’s first latch after birth if needed. 

– Two postnatal appointments after the baby is born. This will be including breastfeeding support. Usually, 2-3 days after the birth and again 2 weeks later. ( Sometimes another 6 week appointment) 

Please note* Doula services are separate from HypnoBirthing classes. My specialty is hypnotherapy. It is my goal to provide therapeutic hypnosis to mothers during labor if desired or the need arises. This works best for those who have practiced some form of meditation or hypnosis before. 
Most families use both services and this allows for maximum benefit and fantastic rapport before labor begins. Group and private classes are available. This isn’t required, but highly recommended. Hypnobirthing seems to provide a huge benefit in helping moms get to “labor land”/the space where time seems to be faded and mom is in her zone. 

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Pregnancy and childbirth are profound life experiences that can bring joy, excitement, and fulfillment to women and their families. However, they can also be challenging, both physically and emotionally. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the vital role that doulas play in providing invaluable support and guidance to women throughout their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period.

Emotional Support: One of the primary roles of a doula is to provide continuous emotional support to women. They offer a compassionate presence, actively listening to their fears, concerns, and desires, without judgment. Doulas create a safe and nurturing environment where women feel comfortable expressing their emotions and sharing their experiences. By offering empathy and reassurance, doulas help women build confidence and trust in their own ability to give birth.

Education and Advocacy: Doulas are a valuable source of information and education, ensuring that women have access to evidence-based resources to make informed decisions. They can help mothers understand various birthing options, procedures, and interventions, empowering women to make choices aligned with their preferences. Doulas also act as patient advocates, ensuring that women's wishes are made known within the healthcare system.

Physical Comfort: In labor, doulas employ a range of comfort measures to ease discomfort and promote relaxation. They may use massage, breathing exercises, positioning suggestions, and provide guidance on utilizing birthing tools such as birthing balls or hydrotherapy. By focusing on non-pharmacological pain relief methods, doulas contribute to a more positive and empowered birthing experience.

Partner Inclusion: Doulas also play an essential role in supporting partners during the labor process. They help partners navigate emotions, providing guidance on how to comfort and support the birthing woman. Doulas can act as a bridge between the medical staff and the couple, ensuring effective communication and facilitating the partner's active involvement in the birth.

Postpartum Care: The support of a doula doesn't necessarily end with the birth of the baby. Doulas continue to provide guidance and assistance during the postpartum period, offering emotional support, breastfeeding education if needed, newborn care tips, and helping women adjust to their new roles as mothers. This ongoing care contributes to the overall well-being of women. There are also postpartum doulas who specialize in helping women after birth.

By empowering women, advocating for their choices, and creating a nurturing environment, doulas positively impact birth outcomes and enhance the overall satisfaction of the birthing experience. The doula’s role complements the care provided by healthcare professionals and encourages a holistic and woman-centered approach to childbirth. Some insurances may or may not cover all or part of the doula services. Reach out and we can figure out a plan today.