“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” Dr. John H. Kennell



Parents will learn the highly effective method of deep relaxation for birth and how to assist, instead of resist, their birthing body. The classes include hands on practice with the powerful tools of: hypnosis, breathing techniques, visualization guides, and instant relaxation anchors. HypnoBirthing helps both moms and partners have a game plan and a positive attitude for birth. With five personalized hypnosis sessions, women and families learn to release fear and limiting thoughts.Pregnancy & birth will change you, one way or another. How that unfolds is unique to each person.

"Research shows that women value and benefit from the presence of a support person during labour and childbirth. This support may include emotional support (continuous presence, reassurance and praise) and information about labour progress"

From the Cochrane Review
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That is why I provide personalized care for each of my clients. Maybe you need emotional, information, or physical support. Or maybe you just want someone beside you who's been through it before. That's where we come in! We’ll be by your side helping you through every step of this life-changing journey.

INCLUDES: - Labor support with 24/7 text and phone availability for 37 weeks on. - One prenatal appointment discussing birth options, facilitating a birth vision, and exploring breathing techniques.

- We will go over basics about birth and comfort measures during prenatal.

- Bi- weekly assignments to help prepare mother that include reviewing birth videos and journal assignments.

- Prenatal appointment will include a 1 hour fear release hypnosis session with Eye Movement Therapy.

- Lactation support for baby’s first latch after birth.

- One postnatal appointment after the baby is born, including breastfeeding support. Usually, a few days after the birth. - Doula services are a supplementation to HypnoBirthing classes.

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