Candice Enriquez

“What I’ve learned as a doula is that so much of who we are isn’t just what we
do or how we do it, but also greatly made up of the internal dialogue that we
engage in on a moment to moment basis.” Candice Enriquez is a certified clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist,
certified birth doula, and pranic healing practitioner. She has helped over 200
families prepare for and have mother directed birth experiences. Through her
practice of a decade, she has felt honored to help those she works with come
more fully into their own embodied state of personal empowerment. During World Doula Week, 2015 Candice was recognized for her admirable work
by the Tampa Bay Birth Network. She has spent countless hours helping women
in childbirth and finds honor is holding space for miracles. With 500 hours of
training in hypnosis, Candice brings a high level of expertise in her field that you
can trust and feel safe with.

"I was called to work in hypnosis in 2010 after the profoundly peaceful experience using HypnoBirthing to bring my first child into the world"

“I was called to work in hypnosis in 2010 after the profoundly peaceful experience using HypnoBirthing to bring my first child into the world in a way that was euphoric, calm, and simple. In 2018, I again was able to use my personal hypnotherapy practice to birth my second child in love and centeredness. A second labor that was only three hours long increased my delight in bringing this work to others. I believe my own births helped cultivate my passion and joy in helping other babies come into the world in loving peace. The way we give birth profoundly matters. I believe it is within the power of every woman to have a birth that helps her reclaim the power and wonder in motherhood.”

What helps Candice to stand out in her field is her highly developed intuitive and creative nature. These important skill sets are key in the work she does in helping clients to rediscover their wholeness. It is through this journey that Candice helps to empower her clients to bring into alignment their beliefs, emotions, and actions that match their goals and highest intentions for their

More recently, Candice has expanded her hypnotherapy practice to work with clients using a variety of tools and techniques that help to facilitate the sacred
space where her clients can honor their personal path of evolution. Some of these modalities include, but are not limited to, breath work, age and past life regression, parts work and eye movement therapy.

When she isn’t helping guide others on the path of their personal growth, Candice can be found in nature soaking up the beauty of Florida sunsets around wildflowers, oceans and rivers. She is a lover of the divine feminine, Mother Mary, and has interest in yogic philosophy. She is raising her son and daughter in Tampa, Florida alongside her husband.

Candice is a spiritual seeker who has overcome much to help others find the divine child within, reclaim joy, and rediscover the inner flame of awareness.

She can work with clients both in person and at a distance. Please see her contact and booking information to schedule an appointment with her.

“ I have had the honor to train as a pranic healer with Candice and have had several healing sessions with her during the time I have known her. She is just wonderful! I felt her loving energy and felt safe with her right away. Anyone who works with her is lucky to have found her. Candice is truly living her life’s passion. I would highly recommend any of her services to anyone, any day!” - Rachael, RNBSN


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